Essential Garden Tools for Beginners in Gardening

When starting out in gardening, you need a few essential tools to get your garden off the ground. Whether your space is limited to a small windowsill or a large patio, you’ll need a few tools to make your gardening endeavors easier and less stressful.

Essential Garden Tools for the Beginners in Gardening

The most essential tools for gardening are the hand tools you’ll use to plant, prune, and weed your garden. Having a full set of these tools will help you to keep your garden in tip-top shape and prevent unnecessary stress on your arms, wrists, back and shoulders.

Hand trowel

A hand trowel is a tool that can be used to scoop soil, measure depths of the soil and dig up weeds. It’s an important part of any gardening arsenal, and it’s best to purchase a sturdy one with a narrow blade that can cut into the dirt easily. Look for a comfortable grip and a handle that is made from a strong material, like wood or fiber composites.

Garden cultivator/dutch hoe: The main purpose of a dutch hoe is to weed out unwanted critters growing in your garden and among the plants, but it can also be used for digging shallow trenches, edging and removing roots of vegetables and other plants. It’s a great tool for beginners because it allows you to stand while weeding, which reduces back strain and helps to preserve your knees.

Transplant spade: This small spade, often called a transplanter, can be used for digging holes for planting smaller seedlings and plants in your garden. It’s especially helpful if you have hard-to-reach places or aren’t sure which plant will grow best in a certain spot.

Pruner: A long-handled pruner can be a lifesaver when you need to trim or remove pesky branches and twigs in your garden. It can be particularly handy for trimming taller perennials that might require a bit more maneuvering than a simple shovel or spade can provide.

Snipping scissors: Sharp-edged, super-sharp scissors can be used to snip deadhead flowers, prune delicate plants, and hone the edges of leafy greens. They can be used alone, but are typically paired with a pair of pruning shears for more precision and control.

A garden rake: If you’re new to gardening, a rake will be your go-to tool for collecting leaves and other debris from your garden. It can also be used to smooth out the soil before you plant.

The key to a successful garden is good soil. A garden rake can level out the soil and remove rocks or other large particles from your garden beds before you plant, says Damrosch. You can even use a row marker, hard plastic tubes that slide onto selected teeth of the rake for marking rows or creating grid patterns for transplanting.

Water hose: While most people have a hose in their house, a hose that has an adjustable nozzle is a must-have. A hose that can be adjusted to different water pressures will save you time and energy.